Generators for Sims and Neighborhoods


I was asked by Plath-sims if I used randomizers for the personalities of my sims and the answer is, of course. Here are all the links to the generators I used in making my sims.

  1. Personality Generator (be sure to change it to detailed)
  2. Appearance Generator (type i used was realistic and i chose detailed)
  3. Town Name Generator
  4. Road Name Generator
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  • Ongoing Hiatus

    In case any inquiring minds want to know, my laptop is out of commission for the foreseeable future (or at least until September) so no more simming or much else until then.

    Community Lot To-Do List:



    *New and improved! Now with more lots and in alphabetical order!

    Over 100 community lot ideas to help fill your neighborhoods. Below some of the lots are lists of in-game jobs that would take place there.

    (Old list is here)


    Appliances Store


    Noob; button masher; trash talker; gold farmer; flag capturer; platform jumper; leveler; real time strategizer; guild leader; game designer; blog writer; internet movie critic

    Art Museum

    Conceptual artist; visionary; acclaimed muralist

    Art Studio

    Canvas stretcher; art forger; acclaimed muralist

    Art Supply Store

    Canvas stretcher; art forger; acclaimed muralist




    Bookie; battle of the bands judge; standup comedian; roadie; lounge singer

    Barber Shop


    Basketball Courts

    Beach/Swimming Store

    Big Box Store



    Bus Station


    Camping Supply Store

    Children’s Clothing


    Exorcist; cult leader

    Coffee Shop

    Barrista; coffee shop sound engineer; lounge singer; stand up comedian

    Comic Book Store

    Comic book penciller

    Community Garden

    Community Pool

    Computer Repair/Store

    Construction Site

    Cement mixer; bricklayer; foreman; head of construction company

    Convenience Store

    Convenience store attendant


    Noob; button masher; trash talker; gold farmer; flag capturer; platform jumper; leveler; real time strategizer; guild leader; game designer; blog writer; internet movie critic

    Dance Studio

    Electronics Store



    Farmer’s Market

    Fashion House

    Fashion photographer


    Fire Station

    Garbage Dump

    Garden Shop

    Gas Station

    Gas station attendant

    Golf Course

    Golf caddy

    Grocery Store


    Aerobics instructor; jazzercise instructor; locker room attendant



    Whale tracker; clam wrangler; fish chummer; dive master; underwater demolishionist; deep sea fisherman; protector of whales


    Orderly; emergency medical technician; paramedic; nurse; intern; resident; general practitioner; specialist; surgeon; medical researcher; chief of staff

    Humane Society



    Lag glass scrubber; test subject; lab assistant; field researcher; project leader; inventor; sea lice research assistant; rat keeper

    Laboratory (Military)

    Top secret researcher; conspiracy theorist

    Laboratory (University)

    Scholar; marine biologist; theorist; unnatural cross breeder; dinosaur cloner

    Launch Pad


    Law Firm

    File clerk; paralegal; law firm receptionist; legal secretary; personal injury attorney; legal biller; family law attorney; international corporate lawyer; entertainment attorney

    Lecture Hall (University)



    Security office

    Military Base

     Recruit; elite forces; drill instructor; junior office; counter intelligence; flight officer; senior officer; commander; general; UFO investigator; rookie field agent; field agent; double agent; elite operative; Head of SCIA

    Movie Studio

    Music Store (Instruments)

    Piano tuner

    Music Store (Records)

    Record store clerk

    Music Studio

    Dance video star; screen test stand-in; body double; bit player; commercial actor/actress; supporting player; leading man/lady; blockbuster director; icon; paparazzi

    Nature Center

    Algae hunter; spelunker; rogue botanist; soil identifier; ecological guru

    Nursing Home

    Nursing home attendant

    Occult Shop

    Psychic phone pal; tarot card reader; hypnotist; medium; douser; horoscope writer

    Office Building

    Gofer; mailroom technician; executive assistant; field sales representative; junior executive; senior manager; vice president; president; CEO; business tycoon



    Parking Lot

    Parking lot attendant

    Pawn Shop

    Pet Shop

    Police Station

    Cadet; patrol officer; desk sergeant; vice squad; detective; lieutenant; police chief; police psychic; gum shoe; private eye; crime scene investigator; surveillance opperator

    Post Office

    Power Pant (Nuclear)

    Power Plant (Coal)

    Power Plant (Solar)

    Power Plant (Wind)

    Pumpkin Farm

    Real Estate/Architecture Office

    Architect’s apprentice; draftsman; architect; architectural partner; master architect

    Recruiting Office

    Recruit training corps

    Recycling Center

    Restaurant (Asian)

    Restaurant (Burgers)

    Restaurant (Diner)

    Restaurant (Fine Dining)

    Restaurant (Pizza)

    Restaurant (Sandwiches)

    Restaurant (Seafood)

    Roller Rink


    School (Daycare)

    Teacher’s Aide; substitute teacher; playground monitor

    School (Elementary)

    School crossing guard; playground monitor; teacher’s aide; substitute teacher; elementary school teacher

    School (High School)

    Science teacher; high school teacher; high school principal; yearbook  club supervisor

    Sim City Times Office

    Blog writer; internet movie critic; fact checker; obituary writer; horoscope writer; sports columnist; investigatory journalist; magazine editor; media magnet

    Soccer Field


    Sports Store

    Stadium/Sports Center

    Team mascot; minor leaguer; rookie; starter; MVP; superstar; assistant coach; coach; hall of famer; waterperson; locker room attendant


    Street caricaturist, souvenir whittler; street hawker; numbers runner; pickpocket

    Student Union (University)


    Studio musician; rock god; home video editor; freelance photographer; cartoon voice

    Subway Station

    Summer Camp

    Summer camp music teacher

    Tennis Courts


    Broadway star; concert pianist; symphony conductor; ventriloquist; juggler; back-up dancer; pop’n lock performer; interpretive dancer; world class ballet dancer

    Town Hall

        Door-to-door poller; campaign worker; intern; lobbyist; campaign manager; city council member; state assembly person; senator; mayor; ambassador’s intern; education minister; city planner

    Toy Store

    Train Station


    University guest lecturer; college senior professor; college dean of students


    Water Purification

    Water Tower

    Wedding Store

    Wedding Venue

    Wedding photographer; master of ceremonies


    This is epic!! Thank you a lot for sharing <3

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  • for the February Inspired @ BPS

    For this months contest we are decorating a livingroom with ‘pops of colour’!

    Choose a neutral shade such as beige, grey, white or cream, as a ‘base’ for your livingroom and 
    add accents/decor in bright vibrant colours to bring personality, life and style to your room!”